Open Heart

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Happy Tuesday, friends and family! Today’s post is something written from the heart of our company’s Director of Operations, Danny Cano. If you know Danny, you know he is a man of few words, but what he wrote for today’s post is the kind of love and respect the world needs right now. He also made sure each of our employees received this letter. Thank you, Danny for being the type of leader to admire!

Letter from our Director,

At the forefront of our nation is the call for racial equality, especially for those who are black. I am not one to just jump on bandwagons, and I have tried to live by the philosophy that actions speak louder than words. However, now is not the time for me to be silent.

I am a Hispanic male who has experienced minor instances of prejudice against me. However, I openly acknowledge that my experiences of privilege have far outweighed the racial obstacles I have faced in this life. The majority of those obstacles were moved out of my way because my mother, the founder of our company, paved the way for our success. My mother overcame barriers and made sacrifices to make sure we lived in good neighborhoods, went to private school, were involved in extra curricular activities like sports and piano lessons, and she surrounded us with good role models in a local church. She also entrusted me and my siblings to take over a business that had a great foundation for future success. We have been given incredible opportunities that many others dream of.

One of the greatest privileges my mother has passed on to me is being able to see firsthand that a person’s education, language, and skin color have no bearing on that person’s character nor his or her ability to perform at a high level. I believe my mom’s example has helped us give unique opportunities to uniquely qualified employees who may have been previously overlooked in the past. We aren’t a perfect company, but those who know us know that we love our clients and our employees, and that we are extremely diverse. We are extremely blessed to employ people from various nations, skin colors, language restrictions, sexual orientations, and faith backgrounds.

Although we are diverse, I acknowledge I still do not fully grasp the setbacks and hardships many of our beloved employees and clients face. My ears and heart are open to hear from you personally so that I can be better informed of the obstacles that are still in your way, and of what I may be able to do to personally and as the company leader to continue to improve things.

Also, I want to be clear. There is a time to speak up on behalf of immigrants, the LGBTQ community, the destitute, and many others. Today, I want you to know that I am in support of the movement for Black Equality, and that I believe that Black lives do matter. Please know we want to me more than just a company; we are a family and we are here for all of you. I invite all of you to reach out to me personally so I can learn more.

Danny Cano